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Sea food restaurant in Viareggio overlooking the promenade

The refined cuisine, based on traditional dishes and excellent fish, is always changing as exciting new dishes are added to the delight of patrons. And there are many delicacies to choose from.
The harmonious aromas are skilfully combined thanks to creative and passionate research – using all the exceptional traditional flavours and perfumes associated with Viareggio – while contemporary cuisine and hi-tech also play a vital role in the ever-changing and integrating culinary offerings.
All of this is expressed in different menus:
– à la carte menu, to choose from all the dishes available,

starred restaurant menu

– Fish tasting menu, meat tasting menu and vegetarian tasting menu to let yourself be carried away in a culinary experience through the dishes selected by our chef, available for both lunch and dinner;
– the 5-course menu “L’Essenziale”, available for dinner.

dessert Ristorante stellato

With the new opening for lunch from 18 September to 31 October it will be possible to taste two new menus and the à la carte menu:
– the Tradition menu, 4-course, available only for lunch;
– the Carte Blanche menu, 3-course, available only for lunch.

The reservation for lunch includes a free parking service, on request.

restaurant Viareggio

Tasting The Sea

Tasting The Earth

Vegetarian Tasting Menu


15 Courses

To celebrate the first 15 years of Chef Giuseppe Mancino at Il Piccolo Principe Restaurant.

We will take care of any dietary requirements and food intolerances upon your alert.

starred restaurant menu

“The essential” tasting menu

This menu is a proposal of fish or meat courses that represents an introduction to the cuisine of our chef Giuseppe Mancino.
A walk through a “path” of perfumes, flavors and visual sensations in four courses:
Mise en bouche
First course
Pré dessert

We will take care of any food necessity and intolerances on your request; being a “surprise” menu, is available a wine pairings in order to make your food and wine experience at the “Il Piccolo Principe” complete and unforgettable.



First dishes

Second Dishes